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golfsilhouetteI’d like to give you two examples of how athletes use visualization to demonstrate to you how picturing success is the first step to achieving it:

Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus has been quotes as saying he has never hit a golf ball in practice or in a tournament that he did not first picture in his mind. He goes on to give the details of this visualization process by saying it starts with how the ball will land, roll out, and then what swing it will take to produce this landing.

Quarterback Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks has told reporters how every sport he has ever played, he has visualized success. He has seen himself throwing the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl as a little kid. He is a promising QB with a big future ahead of him, so I can imagine this coming true some day.

But now let’s go back to you. Have you ever taken the time to visualize what your company would look like if it could be perfect? What would you building, store or factory look like and what would be the benefits of this perfect structure? How would your staff greet each customer? Can you picture articles written about your company and its dominance in your industry?

We need to take time regularly to visualize exactly how we want our company to look and function. Our imagination does not function with limitations, so remember there are no financial limitations on what you can do. We are often to restricted by what is currently in our checking account, what commitments we already have, or what we can do with the limited hours in a day. So I am serious when I tell you to become a kid again, because they live in a world with no limits, every day.

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