Core Value Statement

| August 9, 2014

One piece of most business plans as of late is the Core Value Statement. This usually come after your form you company mission statement. Core value statement declares what will be important to your company- the non-negotiables. Starbucks makes it obvious that the environment and protecting it is a core value for the company. Chick Fil A, by not opening on Sundays is following a core value established by its founder Truett Cathy, which was he wanted family of his employees to have a day together and by it being on Sunday I am sure being able to attend church together was also the by product.

What values do you hold dear? Do you have any? Seriously do you  have some lines in the sand. I believe Enron had some core values that if followed by its leadership would not have led to one of the largest company collapses in American history.

Spend some time alone and establish your personal and then your companies core values.




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