This Will Change Your Life

| October 25, 2014

I had one of those ridiculously stressful weeks where nothing went right. Projects I had been working on were not progressing as fast or as well as I would like. I am driven so I take any level of failure hard. I was on my way to the World Series with my 12 year old son when it hit me how good life was. It was a Thursday and I am on my way to Boston where a friend from high school met us at the airport just to chaufeur us for 18 hours to make it a effortless trip. Actually anybody who knows me knows I need an assistant at all times. I wrote this acrostic on the plane W.C.I.C.T.-WHAT CAN I CONTROL TODAY? I listed things I had control over and all the things I did not. Guess what most of what was stressing me I had zero control over. I hope this helps you as much as me. So now I am going to start everyday with W.C.I.C.T.

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