This One Secret Will Increase Productivity, and Costs Nothing

| March 4, 2014

Everyone is trying to get the most out of people who work for them. I recently read where people in sales spend more then 1/3 of an 8-hour workday wasting time and being un-productive. How you can you get more from your staff? The secret is what you say to them. Do you encourage them?

I read in John Maxwell’s 25 Ways To Win With People that Psychologist Henry H. Goddard conducted a study on energy levels in children using an instrument called the “engograph.” His findings are fascinating as he learned that tired children—when given a word of encouragement, praise or commendation—moved the enogrgraph to show an immediate surge of energy. What was also concluded was that when children received criticism or discouragement this same instrument showed their energy took an immediate nosedive.

What does it take to encourage? Words that compliment or affirm someone’s good work or qualities, or maybe a physical pat on the back with nothing more than “it is great having you here today.” How expensive are the words “good job” or ‘that was great input.” Yes, these words cost nothing but give energy, and with energy, more production and an atmosphere that creates group momentum.

We all know Henry Ford, but we may have never heard of him had it not been for the encouraging words of Thomas Edison, who when he heard of Ford’s plan to build a car with a gasoline engine, remarked with enthusiasm while hitting his fists on a table in excitement: “You’ve got it. A car that has its own power plant; that’s a BRILLIANT idea.” Up to this point Ford had only been told it could not be done, but the great inventor with his simple encouragement energized Henry Ford who would later remark, “I thought I had a good idea but started to doubt myself. Them came along one of the greatest minds that’s ever lived and gave me his complete approval.”

Let’s encourage TODAY!


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