The Value of Ideas

| January 6, 2015 | 0 Comments

I have noticed recently, and now I see, Northwestern Mutual has trademarked the tagline Insurance, Investments, and Ideas. Northwestern Mutual–one of the most respected and profitable insurance companies–has equated the value of ideas with insurance and investments. I think a good idea is worth more as it can fund the other two, but that is a moot point. “The Quiet Company” is branding the value of ideas to its clients.

As an entrepreneur do you have a systematic approach to obtaining ideas? Too many business owners have not a had a good idea since they started their business, as if one idea was enough to sustain them. Too often we are searching for a big idea, and these big ideas are great, but it is the small ideas that improve your  existing big idea. You may be over looking new opportunities. Those simple hunches that are leading you to doing something different should be coming to you on a daily or weekly basis.

Set aside at least 5 minutes each day just to think. Maybe you just take a walk at lunch where you pose a problem to your brain and let it go to work. Your brain is by far your greatest assets and if it has been a bit disappointing you lately, then recruit some new brains to listen to.


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