The Secret to Never Running Out of Money in Retirement: Part 1

| June 21, 2014

START A BUSINESS!!!  It amazes me how many people I meet who are retired and bored to tears.  Someone has convinced them that at some given point you stop working.  What happens next is they become bored, with the highlight of their week being a trip to the grocery store with their wife. How does a person who was highly motivated and successful their whole life just shut it down?  I never read about business or even political icons completely retiring. For one I notice retirement brings with it a fear of running out of money which leads to stress.  Knowing they will never earn again forces the retiree to guard money in such a way that they never enjoy what they have accumulated.

My idea of retirement is reaching a point where you can delegate the things you do not want to do and work the schedule you do want to work. I achieved this at 40. I am not saying I had enough money put aside to never work but I had achieved the above. If I am doing what I love to do and have the freedom of schedule to also do the things I love to do -why would I ever want to stop?

Next week we will discuss the next step- How to become a retired entrepreneur.



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