Seminar Testimonials

Theo Karen                            Washington D.C.

I went to college and majored in business and Sean communicates business in a way that makes you want to listen and learn.


Craig Anderson                     California

Sean is one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever heard.


Terry Terrill                          Maryland

 A pure motivator!  Never a boring moment!


Sam Tucci                               Virginia

 You leave wanting to start a business and know with the tools he teaches you that you can.


Dan and Leah Clancy           Ohio

His energy is amazing! You can tell he is passionate about helping people start a business.


Keith Burgess                           Maryland

Sean is a great communicator who makes you want to learn more. 


Tim and Stacey King             Ohio

We own a business, but found in looking back, that we struggled when we didn’t follow these 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES.


Joe Murray                             Florida

The information is so applicable that after hearing it you know you can start a business.


Dan Kelly                               Connecticut

 He clearly understands business and is able to communicate it in way that keeps you interested.


Phillip Meyer                         Virginia

 He just flat-out knows how to start a business and it does not take long for you to realize it once he starts teaching.


Carmen Ames                        Virginia

 He is high energy and funny but most importantly can teach you how to start a business.


Cheree Fairley                       Florida

 I could not get enough of Sean’s teaching. He takes what first seems to be difficult and makes it simple and understandable.


Kirk Litton                           South Carolina

Intense and motivating! Sean is a very good communicator and teacher.

Mike Olejarz
National Leadership Consultant
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

I am excited to recommend Sean Castrina as someone who can help you reach your personal and professional goals. He is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, articulate communicator, author, and leadership coach. He not only teaches Bible-based concepts and principles that lead to excellence, but he models them in his marriage, family, and business. He and his organization have added value to many business, community, and church leaders. I know Sean and he will add value to you.