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8 Rules Startup WorkbookJohnny Dawkins, co-founder of a small media company that emerged as a Wall Street giant, is pressed to finalize “the decision” that will dictate the survival of his life’s ambition. With everything riding on the decision he must make, Johnny draws from a lifetime of experiences with his partner and mentor “The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World” to reach his much anticipated pronouncement.


Take the risk out of startup! “The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World” is a timeless fable that delivers the Seven Pillars required to fortify a successful startup business, division or organizational launch. These Pillars teach the irrefutable axioms required to survive startup and become a giant. This valuable business fable distills the formula developed by Sean C. Castrina, a serial entrepreneur and one of the most endorsed business authors in America. Wrapped in a gripping tale of high stakes business, the tools revealed within will help the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow build a giant and disrupt the status quo. You won’t be able to put down this brisk page-turner that takes a revolutionary and entertaining approach to teaching essential lessons for the aspiring entrepreneur and organizational trailblazer.  Is there an entrepreneur inside you?


8 Rules Startup WorkbookSimply the most endorsed start-up book ever written. Hailed by the academic community, N.Y. Times Bestselling authors as well as established entrepreneurs. If you cannot afford to fail, this is the one book you want to read. Written by a 20 year serial entrepreneur, in a straight forward language with key takeaways and action steps, this book guides you through the rules to follow for starting a successful business.

“This remarkable book will save the aspiring entrepreneur 100’s of hours and thousands of dollars on building a successful business. It can change your life.” –Brian Tracy, Author of The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success N.Y. Times Bestselling author and International Speaker “8 Unbreakable Rules captures the soul of business that has made our country great…” -Dan Miller N.Y. Times


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For the countless people who have found great value in 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR BUSINESS START-UP SUCCESS here is the companion workbook. This workbook will take you through the “8 UNBREAKABLE RULES” resulting in not only a business plan but a series of exercise designed to “tip” the scales of entrepreneurial success in your favor. The 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR BUSINESS START-UP SUCCESS WORKBOOK includes: – More then 100 exercises covering the 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES – Countless actions steps to bring you closer to success. – Quotes designed to reinforce key thoughts. To further your entrepreneurial journey you might want to read 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR BUSINESS START-UP SUCCESS which carries endorsements from Brian Tracy, Dan Miller and Ed Hess to name just a few.