How to retain the best law firm in town for 1/2 price!

| December 23, 2014 | 0 Comments

I going to give you some advice about hiring a lawyer and or law firm. Hire one BEFORE you need one. When you are in the heat of battle and drowning in legal problems, you hire legal representation based out desperation and availability–not fit.

A good lawyer should be on your team from day one. My hope is that you will not need them often, but they should be in your dugout before you register your business. This lawyer should read over any key contracts you regularly use. They may add (or subtract) a sentence or two that will save you money and frustration down the line. I had an attorney add a mediation clause into my contracts years ago if there was a dispute that exceeded a certain dollar amount. I cannot express how helpful that one piece of advice was.

So how do you pick an attorney? Easy. Ask around your industry and lawyers in your state, “Who would you least like to face in court?” Put that firm at the top of the list. I have to admit that the first thing I look at when facing a legal matter is to google the law firm and see how formidable they are.

So how you do hire the best law firm for half price? You hire the most feared firm and ask for a junior attorney. This is one that is recently graduated from school and is typically new to the firm. When calling, I say “I am considering a new law firm to represent my company and through I have no pressing issue your firm has been recommended to me. I would also like to hire a young, aggressive attorney who is hungry.” This is cute for language for someone “young” just happens to mean the new lawyer who is half the price of any of the partners. First of all, they usually are more hungry for experience and will over achieve to earn and keep your business. Second, in the event of a major issue, the partners or someone more experienced is within feet of the associate’s office, so you are still getting great representation.

Again my goal is to have legal stationary that brings fear to my opponent, and this method has allowed me to do that for half the price. Lock down your lawyer today.


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