Protecting The Quarterback

| February 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

Watching last night’s Super Bowl, I saw how Seattle’s defense never let Peyton Manning settle in the pocket and plant his feet to throw. Don’t hate me for what I am going to say here: But it turns out that this 5-time MVP is average for a pro QB when he is scrambling under pressure. Do you feel the same way when running a business?

You can connect with receivers downfield when you are just trying to survive the rush. As business owners, we need take a lesson from this game and build our business around providing you, the business owner, protection and thus allowing the peace of mind required to make good decisions. If you are constantly dodging problems, it is hard to be forward thinking a key element in growing your business. I just spent the morning with my accountant who is a key member of my offensive line in business. His job is to protect me and my business from making decisions that could lead to great peril later. I try to meet with him twice a year to share my plans for my businesses. He gives me input on how my goals should be accomplished without huge tax consequences, as well as depleting cash flow, etc.  Again the advice was worth the price of admission. My accountant is giving me sound guidance that I can already tell will save me great aggravation later, especially if I didn’t have this firm involved in these decisions from the beginning.

Commit to building a team around you to help protect your business. So who is your offensive line? Who gives you the time to get your feet planted and find the open man? The person who answers your phones. Your employees who let you know about problems in advance. Your lawyer who protects you with contracts and advice. Draft your dream team and give them the strategy to execute the basics. This will give you that extra breathing space to pick up a first down.


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