| August 2, 2014

There was a new book that came out this year called “Extreme Productivity” giving some advice on how to get more done each day. I am not so sure our problem is that we don’t get much done it is that we do not get done what we need to get done. Let me explain. Did I accomplish something that moves me towards some goals I have set? Have I taken action toward my lifelong dream? Was I productive in the roles I have (father, wife, employer, coach, etc). You can be very busy but not be productive.

Start each day with a plan that asks:

What daily habits do I need to accomplish my goals?  Lose weight- exercise 30 minutes each day, write a book- write 30 minutes each day, etc.

What will i do today that will move me toward my lifelong dream? If you take an action step each day for 3 years or longer and you ill have done over 1,000 things to move you closer.

What responsibilities do you have today based on your roles?  (Spouse, parent, employer, coach, teacher, volunteer, friend, etc).

What if you do not accomplish today their will be a negative consequence?  (Pay a bill, finish a project that was assigned to you, etc).

Have a focused to do list today!!!

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