Power of 3 for Growing Your Business

| May 24, 2014

Healthy companies have a balance of business coming from 3 sources. First is NEW BUSINESS which requires a marketing plan designed to attract your ideal customer. The fact that new people are moving into our area each day requires this element in your growth strategy. Second is REFERRALS, when happy customers share with their friends, family and co-workers about the positive experience that had with whatever your company does and these people in-turn choose to do business with your company from these comments. Third is REPEAT BUSINESS and obviously these will more then likely come from this happy group in the previously described point.

So in effect to grow you must only do 3 things consistently.

1.Target new customers through advertising that reaches this group with a message that makes them BUY from you.

2.Train your happy customers to tell others. John Jantsch is his book “The Referral Engine” lays out great strategies for these and is a must buy. Yes one little point this only happens if your company performs, provides what is says it will provide timely and exceptionally well.

3.Thank your repeat customers through discounts, correspondence, etc for continuing to use your company.  Never take these customer for granted.

Do these 3 well and you should be well on your way to growth.





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