Partner with your employer

| January 20, 2016 | 0 Comments

Assuming you do not work for a Fortune 1000 company or a government agency many employment situations lend themselves to partnering opportunities.  I have personally always looked for employees that I could make partners knowing they could make exponentially more as a partner. Why?  Partners don’t just turn their brains on 8 hours a day for only 5 days.  Partners should be trying to think of ways to create profit everyday and all the time and this is surely worth more to me.  Partners don’t quit when they get offered a dollar more an hour.  Partners create a mastermind group  that together should improve every idea that is brought forth.  I could go on and on about the benefits of a good partnership but I have only done this to illustrate that there is a great payoff for owners who bring on partnerships.  This fact should make you feel more valuable and my hope will get you thinking what single area do you know better then the owner that could bring them more profit if you took it over with the passion of an owner? Look for win-win situations such as taking lower pay for a percentage of profit within your area of responsibility.  Start thinking like an owner and the owner will notice the difference and when the time is right ask what it would take to be a partner. You may find it is less then you think.


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