Owning a piece of the company you work for

| January 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

Let me first say you must earn the right to be heard. Yes, that is a fact; as nothing is more irritating then when a new hire who wants to tell me how to run one of my businesses. Even if this individual has a good idea they have not earned my ear yet. So this is for those people who have been at their company for at least a year and have earned the right to be heard. First find an area to specialize in within your job description. No matter what your job is there needs to be something you can find ways to improve the process.  When you are confident you have identified a way to do something better leverage it for something beneficial to you with a simple meeting where you bet your job on it.  If you’re not that confident then your idea is not that good so I am saving you from being embarrassed.  You simply say what would it be worth the company if I could show you how to improve A (example) by whatever percent or dollar figure you believe you can achieve. Obviously this needs to be fairly significant for them to buy in. A great idea may be worth an additional weeks vacation or a 4 day weekend but it may be worth a financial pay raise as well.

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