Why Small Business Owners Get Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

| October 18, 2014

I was coaching a client just yesterday who owns a wilderness business (deer and turkey hunts) and had mentioned how he just spent 5 days up in a cabin escorting out of town hunters around helping them land a big trophy piece. What bothered me about this scenario was that the one and only goal I had given this client for this season (October- February) was to hire an assistant who would in fact perform all these low skilled jobs. He of course gave every excuse why the guy could not be there for which I reminded him, it was basically week one of a long season and if he was not there week one, good luck seeing him regularly. He then explained how if they guy was there, get this he would have had to pay him $75 per day totaling $375. My client is a $85 an hour counselor by day 2 hours away. Sadly this scene is too common with small business owners that don’t understand that if you have to work at your business for it to operate you FAILED –PERIOD!!! Yes that is strong but if you cannot hire someone who can open your doors and handle base level responsibilities allowing you to either work at your career employment or allow you to grow (not work at) your existing business you failed.  Next week I will share some secrete to accomplishing this.


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