Let’s Hope There is More Than One Entrepreneur in the Building

| November 1, 2014

Your may not be the only entrepreneur in the building and lets hope not. The hardest business to run is the one that you are not in. What do I mean? Trying to expand to a new location is the greatest challenge. When the cat is a way the mice will play. If you have a quality employee you can trust and a product/ service that is in demand consider expanding and bringing this person on board as a partner. Why partner because when they work 80 hours they won’t be complaining. I personally think giving a piece of the ownership is the only sure fire way to secure a second location without losing your mind or doubling your workload. Giving your trusted staff the opportunity to better themselves with a sweat equity ownership program will also inspire others to excel knowing they may also have an opportunity to lead an expansion. Who benefits most you as all your doing is expanding lines of credit or putting up capital.


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