I Have a Better Chance of Being on the Next Space Shuttle Than…Reading Those Directions!

| May 10, 2014

I just recently made the big changeover to an iPhone. I know, my kids tell me the same thing, so save it. I however do believe the iPhone has complicated tasks that I found quite simple on my Samsung. What humored me more is that I did not get any directions with the iPhone. It is as if they have given up writing what they know you’re never going to read. I cannot tell you how many things I have purchased that come with a book, and I am not exaggerating, on how to operate the item I purchased. My feeling is if you cannot put it on one piece of paper in a 12-point font or larger, double spaced then you are communicating too much. We should take this advice with our businesses. Is your sales jargon too long? When is the last time you pitched a friend or family member to see if it was boring and contained material that was un-necessary?  Think simple. Would a 10 year old understand and be able to operate your product? Why 10, because we learned in “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” you only need to be 10.

Ok, now back to my iPhone. I swapped it after 3 days for an upgraded Samsung. Why? Because I am not going to take 10 hours and hire an assistant to teach me how to use it. I guess I am slow.




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