I Am Average But Rich, and These 2 Habits Worked for Me

| February 8, 2014 | 0 Comments

We make getting rich way too hard. Forbes Magazine recently released its annual list of the “400 Wealthiest Americans.” It’s quite an impressive list. It takes a minimum of $1.1 billion in personal wealth to be included. Collectively, these 400 people have more than $1 trillion in total assets. But the most impressive thing about the list is that 70% of those on it created their own wealth. That’s right, they started with nothing more than an idea that they took action on.

Ideas flow from input and silence. Input, meaning what you are exposing your mind to. Are you reading great books, meeting new people with fresh views or taking classes that give greater knowledge?

Ideas grow out of a stimulated mind. Your intuition or “still small voice” speaks and is heard in silence. When is your world silent? Set aside time daily to expose your mind to idea starters—then put your mind in a quite place so it can hear and respond. Keep a journal where you write ideas down. These ideas if looked at often will grow with many sub-points of support bringing the idea into reality. Sometimes the ideas will just go away with no follow-up insights, which is also helpful.

Think. 70% of America’s wealthiest people had an idea that they took action on. Yes, the next step is action. When a great idea has presented itself write it at the top of a sheet of paper then list everything that would have to take place for it to become a reality. You will find it typically shows many steps—but all doable. Good news, even if you don’t end up in the Forbes 400, you will be far ahead of where you are today.



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