How to get a huge raise

| December 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

For those who follow this blog and noticed I took a sabbatical it was because I was finishing my next book to be released November 3 , 2015- “The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World”. I bet you could you use a raise in pay? Most people would say yes to that question but would tell you there is little chance of it happening. If I may confess that is what pushed me to be an entrepreneur. When I first got hired out of college and realized I would basically be getting a 3% pay raise, assuming I did a good job, for life starting at that point. That was an eye opener to the fact that I was officially on a fixed income. Sure my income was good but the reality that my standard of living was somewhat cemented jarred me into making the leap to starting and owning businesses. Over the next couple weeks I will share how to dramatically increase your income within the framework of staying employed.

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