How Small Businesses Can Think Like Big Businesses: Part 2

| October 11, 2014

Are you leveraging your client base? How many clients do you have and what is their profile? Are they high end buyers? Do they require high level customer service? The point is when you have an ideal client that you have been able to attract and satisfy you need to leverage this with additional offerings. If your a high end mattress store you may offer medical/ specialized pillows that assist in better head and neck positions during sleep. I am just brainstorming out loud. Service companies who track their client profile can without very little investment add complimentary services that appeal the their client base. Another strategy is to partner with smaller businesses where you receive a percentage of profit for marketing your services to this company. Example a handyman company may periodically throughout the year partner with other companies services they do not offer. The key here is to have an excellent tracking mechanism as well as protocol. It would not be hard for an established service company to partner with niche businesses that would in most cases gladly give a portion of profit for quality leads. Again what you want to do is maximize every resource and asset you have and your client base may be un-tapped.


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