How Persistent Are You Toward Reaching Your Dream?

| April 16, 2014
I am amazed how little it for people to give up on their dreams. They know what they want in that this one thing (dream) if achieved would dramatically change their life but they persist little towards its reality. A few no’s and they give up.
I have recently written a book and within the next 6 weeks it will be published but that is not my dream (just a piece of it). We can all write books if we take the time. What I did however was secure endorsements from 3 N.Y. Times Bestselling authors and multiple esteemed educators who I had no relationship with and had nothing to gain by endorsing my book.
The formula was persistence. I simply wrote strategic emails with a persistence but polite request regularly to these people requesting they read one page and see if it was worth reading more. Yes there is a secret to reaching them but that is for another blog.
Good news, they loved it and gave it some amazing endorsements. Keep on the look out for 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR SUCCESS  which Brian Tracy says “Will Change Your Life”.
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