How I hired Superman and Wonderwoman

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If you could hire one person to help you the business owner take the largest load of work off your desk or off your to do list what would this person look like? What specific skills would they be able to perform? Does social media confuse and intimidate you let alone writing this blog you were told you need to write each week?

Do you need someone who can take some of the burden of closing all the sales from you? Has your patience for customer service reached its limits? The list can go on and on and just recently I have found the secret to hiring this perfect counterpart to me. First I identified what I needed most done by someone other then me and it came down to organizational matters, graphic design as well as some Internet and social media items.

The fact I learned long ago is there is no one person who can do everything I needed so I hired 3 part-time people who each specialized in what I needed most. Two of them get 15-20 hours a week and living in a college town with a fantastic graduate school it was not hard to fine some pretty smart folks who could only work part-time. I enlisted a graphic artist to assist in marketing matters by the job. At $35 an hour it is great money for this person and great for me because I only pay when I need something done.

In short I hired an office assistant who also helps with sales follow-up, social media specialist and graphic designer all for less one full-time person who would want a benefits and vacation package. And guess what I hired them all from craigslist where the secret I found is writing your add like you’re a real person who is seeking someone local. If you can brag a little on your company without giving the specific name this does hurt either.

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