Handling Stress

| June 17, 2014

Owning your own business I can say from experience is extremely stressful. When you have either money, clients/customers and or employees you have stress.  Develop a method of dealing with stress before it rears its ugly head.  What is your method of dealing with stress overload?  I am not joking at all.  Most of us desire to build a great company–and I can assure you that with this will come stress–so prepare now for it.  Develop a routine that allows you to handle these periods. I personally could not imagine not exercising daily to handle stress.  I also have found writing a letter to myself in the past tense ( 3 months from my season of stress) telling me how it all worked out. I keep these letters in the back of my journal and go back and read how things have worked out in the past. Regardless of your method- have a system in place to handle the pressure of owning your own business.


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