Guaranteed Growth for Your Company in 2016

| December 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

Too many businesses I have found continue selling products or offering services that are no longer profitable. This happens because the owner or management does not know that in fact these products or services are no longer profitable. How does this happen because they don’t Know Their Numbers. Do you know your profit margins on everything your company offers? Do you know what products and services in percentages to what you offer customers are interested in?  Every year you must rid your company of the losers and next find a new winner. Now that you have eliminated the product/ service that was not as profitable.  What one product or service do you have the capability of offering that your competition is not offering? What product can you find another use for or additional market to sell to? What talent do you have on your staff that you have not maximized?  These questions are designed to make you analyze what may not be workings and stir you brain to create new and better profit streams. Good Luck in 2016!


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