Over the last 30 years of ministry I have seen countless people struggle with financial freedom. Entrepreneurship is a timeless endeavor. I am thrilled that Sean is sharing his years of experience. I have watched him start multiple businesses. He knows business and he has achieved success. I highly recommend Sean Castrina as an accomplished business owner.

Timothy Duggins
Senior Pastor
Mountain View Chapel

I have known Sean for nearly 30 years and can attest to his commitment to his faith. I have personally seen him start and build countless businesses over the years. He is generous with his knowledge and resources. He is a tremendous communicator both funny and clear as he takes audiences through his entrepreneurial journey.”

Jim Wolfcale
316 Church

I am excited to recommend Sean Castrina as someone who can help you reach your personal and professional goals. He is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, articulate communicator, author, and leadership coach. He not only teaches Bible-based concepts and principles that lead to excellence, but he models them in his marriage, family, and business. He and his organization have added value to many business, community, and church leaders. I know Sean and he will add value to you.

Mike Olejarz
National Leadership Consultant
Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Sean is gifted with incredible business, financial and leadership sense. He has proven to be a sounding board of wisdom for me in these areas.

Gabe Turner
Lead Pastor
The Point


“I have known Sean for more than 20 years and he is a “machine-like entrepreneur,” but I must say what has always stood out is his extreme generosity and amazing marriage.”

Pastor Dan Kelly
Second Chance Bible Church
Bethel, Connecticut