Create an NFL Combine when hiring

| March 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

Most small business owners treat hiring like grocery shopping in that they have a need and they fill the need as quick as possible grabbing

the first thing off the shelve that catches their eye. Before hiring write down all the measureables you want in the “perfect hire”. Yes you can have the perfect hire

if you know what the perfect hire looks like. Write down all the skills, personality type and experience you hope to find in the next addition to your team. When you run your ad for this new position,

shoot for the stars, listing in bullet points all the skills, experiences and traits you are looking for with a polite warning, “Please don’t apply if you do not meet these requirements”. Finally be willing

to pay for the perfect hire. This is where the small business owners fails time and time again wanting a game changer but only willing to pay 7th round draft choice money.


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