Coaching Testimonies

“I went to college and majored in business but Sean communicates business in a way that makes you want to listen and learn.”
—Theo Karen, Washington D.C.


“Sean is one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever heard.”
—Craig Anderson, California


“A pure motivator!  Never a boring moment!”
—Terry Terrill, Maryland


“You leave wanting to start a business and know with the tools he teaches you can start a business.”
—Sam Tucci, Virginia


“His energy is amazing! You can tell he is passionate about helping people start a business.”
—Dan and Leah Clancy, Ohio


“A great communicator who makes you want to learn more.”
—Keith Burgess, Maryland


“We own a business, but found in looking back, that are struggles were when we did not follow these 8 UNBREKABLE RULES.”
—Tim and Stacey King, Ohio


“The information is so applicable that after hearing it you know you can start a business.”
—Joe Murray, Florida


“He clearly understands business and is able to communicate it in way that keeps you interested.”
— Dan Kelly, Connecticut


“He just flat-out knows how to start a business and it does not take long for you to realize it once he starts teaching.”
—Phillip Meyer, Virginia


“I could not get enough of Sean’s teaching. He takes what first seems to be difficult and makes it simple and understandable.”
—Cheree Fairley, Florida


“Sean has incredible vision when it comes to business.  I have witnessed 1st hand how he goes about building & managing businesses and it comes as no surprise that he has put his methods down on paper to share with others.  There is no doubt that Sean’s business acumen will benefit anyone who attends his seminars or reads his books!”
—Lenny Bernstein, North Carolina


Testimonies for Bestselling Book The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World:

“Critical business principles in a delightful story form.”
—Dan Miller

“This book will inspire and motivate you to succeed as an entrepreneur–one of the greatest adventures in life.”
—Brian Tracy

“An easy, quick read packed full of insights that will inspire you to take your business to greater heights.”
—Jon Gordon

“Leaders are readers. Amplify your opportunity to succeed and read this book!”
—Tim Sanders

“Sean Castrina is like the Og Mandino for entrepreneurs. Read The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World and you’ll see why.”
—Jeff Goins

“Engaging stories with important learnings!”
—Ed Hess


Testimonies for Bestselling Book 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Start-up Success:

“8 Unbreakable Rules is the most practical start-up book I’ve ever read. What exactly are you waiting for, get started!”
—John Jantsch

“8 Unbreakable Rules captures the soul of business that has made our country great and reveals how uncompromising character, respectful relationships and a commitment to the greater good of community lead to “uncommon” success and a life worth living.”
—Dan Miller

“This remarkable book will save the aspiring entrepreneur 100’s of hours and thousands of dollars on building a successful business. It can change your life.”
—Brian Tracy