Better the Devil You Know Than the One You Don’t

| November 12, 2014

This is a great quote from the wife of G. Gordon Liddy one of President Nixon’s fall guys for Watergate. When he went to prison many asked why she stayed and her point was, I know the worst about him and I can live with that. This should often be our view towards employees. I am not saying you settle for unproductive staff but be careful who you let go of. What I mean is, look first at what you can count on. Are they reliable? Are they trustworthy? Can they take criticism, as this is huge because it allows you to improve them. Before letting someone go look at all their positives. It is like fielding a pro football team in that you need 53 players and if you are lucky, very lucky, you may have 5 that make the Pro Bowl. This means 48 players are not viewed as superstars but they still block and tackle and that, last time I checked, wins games.



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