Being Stupid is Unforgivable

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Given today’s technology, to be stupid just means you are lazy. Why do I say that? I recently read that anyone who reads two books on a particular subject knows more on that subject then 95% of the world’s population. Wow two books and I am an expert! Don’t get me wrong your not a Malcolm Gladwell “Outlier” but indeed quite knowledgeable on a given subject.

Let me make it even easier for you. Being a voracious reader I still find that only 50% of every book I read has valuable content—and with that, I am being kind. So let me give you a secret to extracting the best from a book or specific subject. Google the book title and in many cases if it is well known, Wikipedia will give you the outline along with a brief overview of all the key points. Next, you will likely find articles on the book from the author basically condensing the key points. If it is a subject, within one hour you can read at least 10 periodicals that relate to the specific subject you are seeking to grasp better.

So, in conclusion, make a list of 10 subjects that if you knew better would dramatically improve key areas of your life. Then take one day a week, and commit to spending an hour researching and reading using the tips above. I also like to write my key points on a legal pad with the subject at the top. One hour later I have a greater grasp of the subject than the other 95%.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me other the years.

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