I Love Pets But I Will Stick with Being a Human

| August 16, 2014

Ok all you pet lovers prepare to be offended (just for the record I have 2 dogs that are spoiled rotten) but they are animals. Yes, animals, in that I do not believe they have great capacity for thinking past I am hungry, I want to play and I need to ………. With this said, I believe human beings  have tremendous capacity to think and thus create and plan.

I just recently spent a few days with some friends since high school and I shared with them my ideas (and I am an idea factory) and they seemed puzzled how I come up with so many new ideas. I spend time “thinking” I share which seems to puzzle them further. One confesses he tries to think in the shower which I laugh at this commitment level to what I believe is the single habit that separates successful people/ high achievers with those who consistently struggle to get ahead. In the weeks ahead I will share some secrets to making thinking a habit in your life.


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