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New Biz Coach serves to equip entrepreneurs for success through education, resources, and coaching.  Check out our full list of FREE intro seminars in your area where we will discuss the biggest mistakes most new business owners make and how to avoid them.  We also offer half-day seminars and 2 levels of coaching programs plus an ongoing mastery program where we bring the best and brightest in the business world to you.

Our Vision: A world where people are empowered with the tools entrepreneurship to craft the life and the world they dream of.

Our Core Values: Generosity, Integrity, Transparency, Relevance

About our Founder:

Castrina New Headshot Casual CropSean Castrina is the author of 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES for Business Start-Up success, the most endorsed start-up book ever written as it is hailed by N.Y. Times Bestselling authors, the Academic community as well as countless entrepreneurs. His companion workbook is the first of its kind to take aspiring entrepreneurs step-by-step through the start-up journey. He is also author of the How To Be An Entrepreneur Series as well as being a much sought after speaker and business coach. Sean is a serial entrepreneur having started his first company at age 23 and has not stopped as he has started more then 15 successful companies ranging from retail, property management and development, direct mail, consulting to home services. His first passion is business as he continues to start businesses each year and it is with this relevance that he can teach with authority on Entrepreneurship.