5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Business Customer Base

| September 10, 2014

Whether you talk about a restless tycoon or just a novice businessperson, running a business is tough and tedious for both equally. A lot of things keep muddling the brain whether you’re in the biz for years or just starting. All entrepreneurs have to face down hundreds of hurdles every day. But they need to stick it out and move steadily toward the estimated goal.

(Short-term) goals might be set differently for different businesses, but the aim remains the same: increase customers and sales. So let’s discuss some really effective ways to attract more customers to your business.

  • Build networks. It’s taken for granted that customers choose companies based on a company’s track record. But how will you show any track record when you’re new? For starters it’s probably best to start building networks. Building networks and communities by engaging in activities results in tremendous returns as it’s inexpensive and enjoyable. You can really get the benefits of “word-of-mouth” and “referral marketing” by building on these networks.


building network in business


  • Give your products (or services) away to influential persons. The networking your business is engaged in comprises a lot of influential persons who have many followers. By being in that network, you should always be connecting with those other followers and attracting them toward your business.You have a goal to carry through, so select those big-guns within the demographics of your target market and give them a sample of your product. You can keep this up for a few months or so to promote your brand. Above everything else, be loyal to those in your network.
  • Free trial, free gift coupons, discounts – They really work. Some businesses often prefer to provide introductory products or services at lower rates or on special discounts. It’s another way of getting satisfied clients. If you can continue this fashion of giving free trials, gift items or free coupon cards, you can really attract dozens of customers to your brand every hour.

free trial and gift


  • Provide your best customer services to old clients. It’s often troublesome to do this as an entrepreneur and is dicey to invest in all your entrepreneurial energy–especially when you’re just starting a biz. But satisfying all your old customers always generates new leads. Provide the best customer services to those who’re regularly buying your products and subscribing to your services. Those are the people who spread the ‘word-of-mouth’ about your business virally.



  • Effective Online promotions take you to the cutting edge: 


You can truly grow a target audience by promoting your brand online. If you’re not running your website or blog, go start your own business blog and promote it. Create social  media business pages for your brand and build your audience. All leading social media promotion strategies are available online, you should go through the strategies and hire an expert if needed.

Most people might not remember what products they bought or for what rate, but they surely remember how they were entertained and treated. That’s what every modern-day customer sees in every business owner.

One vital point toward the end, keep giving industry updates to your potential clients as business is 70% of the market industry and 30% of your business.


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