3 Ways to Hire Your Dream Team of Employees

| March 10, 2015 | 0 Comments

In the past weeks, I have been stressing how you as a business owner must be qualified to run a business. I believe this so deeply that I made it the first of 8 Unbreakable Rules to Business Start-Up Success. I encourage you to know where your strengths lie and be honest where your skills fall short. I insist you must at a minimum:

  1. Do something no one else in your company can do,
  2. Be an expert in your field, and
  3. Carry all relevant certificates and licenses to you business.

But you don’t have to do every job. I started a handyman service business without being able to tell someone what a phillips head screwdriver was. I know know it is the one that looks like a plus sign, but the more important thing, was I knew how to hire a team that brought all the necessary skills together to do the handyman work. I brought in the jobs, ran adds, and made business decisions.

So how do you hire a great team? Think Smarter, Better, Faster.

Smarter: Make it your mission to surround yourself with the most talented team you possibly can. That means taking time to hire the right people from the start. You must:

  • Take the time to properly interview applicants and check their references,
  • Take an interest in provide the needed training to maintain quality work,
  • Invest in managing current employees to retain them.

Better: Do not settle for average employees. Look at a new hire as a new business that can dramatically improve an existing or potentially new area of your business. Think of the new hire as stake and wire systems that guide a young tree into growing straight and strong. That means avoiding hiring friends and family that you cannot establish an employer/employee relationship with and eliminating negative influences or bad attitudes. These hires will pull your business in the wrong direction.

Faster: The more experienced your employee, the easier it will be to delegate responsibilities. When problems come up or quick decisions need to be made, you will wish you had a team of employees that can make the right decision on the spot. This takes training and leadership. A team that can turn on a dime under your leadership saves you hours in your day and lets you focus on the big picture.

Hire your dream team. Hire smarter. Hire better. Hire faster.




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